Part 4 Computers Basic Multiple Choice Questions for All Job & Admission Test

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How are you all? Hope for the best. Here are part 4 of Computers Basic Multiple Choice Questions for All Job & Admission Test. These are important multiple choice question for all bank job written, viva, admission test and on various competitive exam. These questions and answers are collected from various sources in Internet. These may be copy right protected. If any one claims the Copy Right I may remove them. Below every post there are PDF Download link. Previously I have posted Computers Basic MCQ Questions for All Job & Admission Test. Now comes the 4th part.

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Computers Basic Multiple Choice Questions for All Job & Admission Test

Today’s Computers Basic Questions:

1. Which storage device is mounted on ‘reels’?

A. Floppy Disk                            B. Hard Disk

C. Magnetic Tapes                       D. CDROM

Answer: C

2. Which of the memories below is often used in a typical computer operation?

A. RAM                                       B. ROM

C. FDD                                        D. HDD

Answer: A

3. Which of the following companies is a leader in manufacture of Hard Disk Drives?

A. Samsung                                  B. IBM

C. Fujitsu                                     D. Seagate

Answer: D

4. Floppy Disk Drives were originally designed by

A. IBM                                         B. Sony

C. Panasonic                                D. Samsung

Answer: B

5. Floppy Disk Drives were first introduced by which of the following computer manufacturers?

A. IBM                                         B. Sony

C. Panasonic                                D. Compaq

Answer: A

6. Which technology is used in a CDROM Drive?

A. Mechanical                              B. Electromechanical

C. Optical                                     D. Fiber Optical

7. Data (information) is stored in computers as

A. Files                                        B. Directories

C. Floppies                                   D. Matter

Answer: A

8. Which of the following statements is/are true?

A. Cache Memories are bigger than RAM

B. Cache Memories are smaller then RAM

C. ROM is faster than RAM

D. Information in ROM can be written by users

Answer: B

9. In a high resolution mode, the number of dots in a line will usually be

A. 320                                          B. 640

C. 760                                          D. 900

Answer: B

10. Programs stored in ROM are called ___

a. Hardware                                 B. Firmware

C. Software                                  D. None of these

Answer: B

11. IC are classified on the basis of ___

A. Manufacturing company         B. Type of computer

C. Number of transistors              D. None of these

Answer: C

12. Computer software includes ____

A. Operating system programs     B. Application programs

C. Packaged programs                  D. All of these

Answer: D

13. A source program is

A. a program written in a machine language

B. a program to be translated into machine language

C. a machine language translation of a program written in a

D. None of these

Answer: B

14. What is the name of the series of Laptop computers manufactured by IBM called?

A. LapPad                                    B. ThinkPad

C. Aptiva                                     D. Notepad

Answer: B

15. What is the name of the 64-bit Microprocessor developed by AMD?

A. Opteron                                   B. RISC-9000

C. iMac                                        D. Athlon

Answer: A

16. Which computer peripheral manufacturer quotes “Empowering your PC”?

A. Canon                                     B. Epson

C. Mercury                                   D. Samsung

Answer: C

17. Nortel is a company which manufactures:

A. Software                                  B. Processors

C. Cables                                     D. Network equipment

Answer: D

18. When you purchase a product over a Mobile Phone, the transaction is called ___

A. Web Commerce                      B. e-Commerce

C. m-Commerce                           D. Mobile Purchases

Answer: C

19. Direct X is a _____

A. Computer Part

B. Software that drives Graphic hardware

C. A User Interface

D. None of these

Answer: B

20. Who among the following is a Personal Computer manufacturer from Taiwan?

A. Sony                                        B. IBM

C. Samsung                                  D. Acer

Answer: D

21. What are the units used to count the speed of a printer?

A. CPM                                        B. DPI

C. PPM                                         D. BIT

Answer: D

22. Which of the following cables can transmit data at high speeds?

A. Coaxial Cable                          B. Optic Fiber Cable

C. Twisted pair Cable                   D. UTP Cable

Answer: B

23. Who is the founder of BSD Unix?

A. Bill Gates                                B. Dennis Ritchie

C. Bill Joy                                    D. Linux Torvalds

Answer: C

24. Who is the founder of Oracle Corporation?

A. Bill Gates                                B. Lars Ellison

C. Andrew S Grove                      D. Marc Anderson

Answer: B

25. What is the name of the software that allows us to browse through web pages called?

A. Browser                                   B. Mail Client

C. FTP Client                               D. Messenger

Answer: A

26. Macromedia is a name of a company related with

A. Hardware                                B. Software

C. Peripherals                               D. Services

Answer: B

27. What is the address given to a computer connected to a network called?

A. System Address                       B. SYSID

C. Process ID                               D. IP Address

Answer: D


Thats All for today. See you later. Visit regularly to get more computer related basic mcq questions for all examination.

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Objective Questions(MCQ) on Fundamentals of Computers

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