100 Taka Prize Bond Draw Result Of Bangldesh Bank

74th Prize Bond Draw Result Of Bangladesh Bank has Published !

31st January 2014 is the Date for 74th Prize bond Draw Result. Bangladesh Government has introduced Prize Bond Scheme in June 1974. Its draw take place in every three months. It do not bear any interest. The prize bonds can be purchased from the offices of Bangladesh Bank, branches of the authorized commercial and specialized banks, National Saving Bureau and also from the post offices. You can get your money any time. Thats why its helpful.

100 Taka Prizebond Draw Result Bangladesh Bank

74th Prize Bond Draw Result

74th Prize Bond Draw Result Of Bangladesh Bank has Published

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  1. Faruk Khan says

    Vai prize bond-er draw holo kinto bond to puroskar pelo na tai thank janate parlam na.Sorry.

  2. Md.mainuddin says

    Thanks for this kind of very helpful site.it’s a great achievement.dear admin sir,would you inform me when the 74th result of prize bond will be seen here?

    • Faruk Khan says

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