32nd Special BCS Medical Exam Date Time Place

A Notice has published today for the candidates of 32nd Special BCS regarding the Medical Exam. The Medical exam is starting from 25.05.2013 at 8.30am Morning at different places. The Registration number is given below. See your Medical Exam date and Time here. The place is seperate such as Dhaka Medical, Sir Salimullah Medical, Orthopedic hospital, Mohakhali TB Hospital, Khaledia Zia Hospital.

Date: starting from 25.05.2013

Time: 8.30am


  1. Dhaka Medical College Hospital
  2. Sir Salimullah Medical College Hospital
  3. Orthopedic hospital
  4. Mohakhali TB Hospital
  5. Sowhorawardi Hospital

See the Image Below:

Medical Exam Notice for 32nd Special BCS Date and Place

Medical Exam Notice for 32nd Special BCS Date and Place

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